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We offer a large diversity of switches and switchbox cables for various interfaces, such as USB, HDMI, and Ethernet. From Phone Activated Power Switches turning devices on with a phone call,  KVM switches, to parallel auto switches, or manual DB9 switches, we can satisfy your requirements.

Please see below more information about our 16 to 1 KVM Switch

Product Description: Share 16 PCs to 1 Keyboard Monitor, Mouse, Speaker Set, and Microphone
Category: Switches - Electronic Keyboard Video Mouse KVM


 Supports Microsoft Intellimouse, Logitech FirstMouse+, MouseMan+ and other wheel mice

 Mouse Conversion: PS/2 Mice control all connected PCs - Even those with serial connections

 PS/2 style keyboards control all PCs

 Hot Pluggable - Add PCs or Remove Connected PCs for maintenance without powering down the CPU Switch

 Superior Video Quality - Up to 1920 x 1440

 No Software Required - Easy PC Selection via Front Panel Pushbuttons, Hot Keys or OSD Menus

 Built In OSD* (On Screen Display) Allows PCs to be Named  and Accessed via a Menu Driven Interface

 Auto Scan mode for Monitoring PCs

 LED Display for easy status monitoring

 Control up to 512 CPUs

 Keyboard Caps Lock, Num Lock and Scroll Lock states are automatically saved and restored when switching between computers

 Custom Cables for Superior Signal Quality

 Rack Mountable

 Microphone and Speaker Support

 Each PC connects through a single "fanout" cable


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