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 IEEE1284 Cables

Our company is a Computer Cable Assembly Supplier, offering a very large  diversity of connectivity products, including Printer Cables, Printer Converters, Printer Power Savers, Parallel & Serial Extenders, Printer Adapters and Custom Printer Cables. Our Low Prices, fast shipping and full customer support make us a very reliable partner, not only for the products in our on-line store, but also for custom cables and wire harnesses. We also supply  wholesale quantities of computer cabling products at significantly lower prices.

Please see below some of our printer cables:

 DB9 Serial Printer Cables
 DB25 Parallel Printer Cables
 Laptop Flat Parallel Cables
 IEEE 1284 Parallel Cable
 DB25 to DB25 IEEE 1284 Extension Cable
DB25 to RJ45 Printer Adapters
 DB25 to CH36 IEEE 1284 Adapters
 Print Servers
 Printer Switch Boxes
 Parallel Auto Switch Boxes
 Serial Auto Switch Boxes
 Auto Switch Box Buffer Expansion

About our Company
With over 5000 products offered online, we can be your One Stop for computer  cable assemblies, computer to TV cables, computer network cables, and computer cable adapters, to name a few.  Please see below more products, in our
Online Store

USB Cable Assemblies and Connectivity Products
(Full Speed and Hi-Speed Cables, Adapters and Hubs)
Complete line of USB 1.1 and 2.0 Cables, Hubs, and Adapters ensure high speed connectivity with peripherals.
AC Power Cables
(100 - 250V)
AC Power Cords and Adapters to fit all your power needs.
Gender Changers
(Standard and Slim-line)
A wide assortment of Gender Changers ensure trouble free connectivity.
IDE Cable Assemblies
(IDE, ATA, Ultra ATA, and Ultra DMA)
Complete line of cables for Hard Drives, CD-Roms, DVD players and other devices.
IEEE1394 Firewire Cables
(Cables and adapters)
IEEE 1394 cables and adapters ensuring high speed connectivity for your devices.
Keyboard Cable Assemblies and Adapters
(Apple, Sun, PC/AT, and PS/2)
Complete line of cables and adapters ensure a perfect connection with your Keyboard.
Monitor Cables
(DVI, Apple, Sun, VGA, SVGA and XGA)
Complete line of Monitor cables and adapters.
Mouse Cables
Complete line of cables and adapters ensure a perfect connection with your  Mouse.
Multimedia Cables
(Internal and External)
Complete line of Audio/Video cables and adapters to connect multimedia devices.
Parallel Cable Assemblies
(Full Speed and Hi-Speed Cables, Adapters and Hubs)
Cables and Adapters built to IEEE standards to ensure high quality communication with your printer and peripherals.
SCSI Cable Assemblies
 (Internal and External Cables, Adapters and Terminators)
Complete line of SCSI cables, adapters, and terminators to connect your peripherals and devices.
Serial Cable Assemblies
 (Straight-through, Null-modem, and Custom)
Complete line of Serial Cables and Adapters for communication, network, and peripheral connectivity.
Switch Boxes
(2 ? 6 ports, Automatic and Manual)
Automatic and Manual Switch Boxes for a variety of applications.
Networking Cable / Bulk Cable
(Cat 5, Cat 5e, and Cat 6)
Quality bulk LAN cables for Network Managers and Installers
Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies
(Singlemode & Multimode, Simplex and Duplex)
High quality Fiber Optic Patch Cables for most applications
Modular Components
(Jacks, Wallplates, Adapters, and Tools)
Complete line of networking components for Network Managers and Installers.
Network Patch Cables
(Cat 5 Patch Cords, Cat 5e Patch Cords, and Cat 6 Patch Cords)
High Quality Networking cables keep your Network up and running.
Patch Panels
(12 ? 96 Ports, LAN and Telco)
Patch Panels, manufactured to industry standards, keep your Network up and running.
Router Cables
(T1, V.35, Cisco and Bay Networks Style)
High Speed serial cables for Routers and Networking equipment.
Coaxial Cables / Thick and Thin Ethernet
(Cables, Terminators, and Adapters)
Complete line of cables and adapters for Thick and Thin Ethernet Networks.
 Token Ring Cables
(Cables and Adapters)
Complete line of Cables and Adapters for Token Ring Networks
(Converters, Transceivers, and Cables)
Complete line of Transceivers and Adapters for most media applications.
Wireless Networking Devices
(Routers and Cardbuses)
Internet Sharing and Networking for Mobile and Home/Small Office Use

Serial Cables
(RS-232 and Extension Cables)
Serial interface cables that provide direct communication between UPSs and desktops, workstations, and servers.

(2 - 8 Port Switches)
Switches and cables to allow one Keyboard, Monitor and Mouse to control multiple desktops, workstations and servers.

Travel Companions
USB Mobile Phone Chargers
(For the Most Popular Mobile Phones)
USB Charging cables for Mobile Phones.
USB Handheld Charger and Sync Cables
 (For the Most Popular Handhelds)
USB Chargers and Sync Cables for PDAs and Handhelds.
International Plug Adapters
(2- and 3-prong attachments.)
International plug adapters for the world traveler.
Retractable Cables
(Telephone and Ethernet cables.)
Retractable cables for your mobile network.
Travel Mice
(Retractable, optical mice.)
Connectivity solutions for mobile users.


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